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Houston Go Club Constitution


a) The name of this CLUB will be the "Houston Go Club".

b) The GAME refers to the Japanese game of Go or the Chinese Wei-Chi and their derivatives.

c) PLAYERS are any members of the public who have an interest in the GAME.

d) MEMBERS are PLAYERS who have joined the CLUB by paying the applicable dues (see below for more details of Membership).

e) GUESTS are non-MEMBER PLAYERS who have been invited to visit or appear at the CLUB by the COMMITTEE or any SUB-COMMITTEE.

f) The COMMITTEE is the group of MEMBERS who have been charged with managing the business of the CLUB.

g) A SUB-COMMITTEE is a group of MEMBERS specially formed by the COMMITTEE.

h) An OFFICER is a member of the COMMITTEE.

i) The AGA is the American Go Association.

j) RANKING is the GAME playing strength of a MEMBER as administered by the CLUB, the AGA or other organizing body.

k) The AGM is the CLUB's Annual General Meeting.

l) An EGM is an Extraordinary General Meeting of the CLUB.


a) This CLUB is chartered to provide opportunities for PLAYERS in the Houston area to learn, teach, compete and play the GAME.


a) Provide facilities in an appropriate environment for PLAYERS to meet and enjoy the GAME on a regular basis to serve the Houston area.

b) Promote the GAME among the public to enhance its image and to encourage new PLAYERS and new residents in the region to participate.

c) Establish and maintain lists of PLAYERS, MEMBERS and resources in order to keep PLAYERS and MEMBERS in touch with each other and in touch with suppliers of products and services associated with the GAME.

d) Affiliate to the AGA.

e) Establish activities such as; tournaments, local area groups, newsletters, etc. which promote the GAME and which the CLUB decides from time to time to sponsor.

f) Seek and maintain individual rankings for MEMBERS.


a) Membership will be open to any PLAYER without limitation to age, race, sex, religion, nationality or ability.

b) Membership is normally for one year and renewable for additional one (1) year periods unless provided otherwise by the COMMITTEE.

c) Membership dues will be applied from time to time as the COMMITTEE deems appropriate.

d) Membership benefits will include a) access to a variety of services that the CLUB performs, b) voting privileges, c) favorable dues and fees as deemed appropriate by the COMMITTEE and affiliation to the AGA.

e) MEMBERS can bring any number of non-member PLAYERS to a CLUB Game Meeting on payment of the applicable CLUB Game Meeting Fees.

f) MEMBERS should record and report all Games Scores when playing other MEMBERS at CLUB Game Meetings. This will consist of date, names, handicap, score and system used (e.g. Japanese, Chinese or AGA method).


a) The management of the business of the CLUB will be vested in the COMMITTEE.

b) The COMMITTEE will consist of five (5) OFFICERS, the President, Vice President, Treasurer, School Liaison Officer and Public Relations Officer. The President only votes on COMMITTEE business in the event of a tie.

c) OFFICERS will be elected for a one year term at the CLUB's AGM by the attending MEMBERS via a simple majority vote. OFFICERS will serve from January 1 to December 31.

d) The duties of the OFFICERS are;


Organize and plan activities to meet the CLUB's OBJECTIVES. Call and preside at all COMMITTEE meetings. Call and preside at the CLUB's General Meetings. Appoint a SUB-COMMITTEE to nominate MEMBERS who are prepared to serve on the COMMITTEE for the following year.

Vice President

Act on behalf of the President when he/she is absent or when requested by the President.


Maintain appropriate accounts to track the CLUB's financial affairs. Manage any bank accounts in the CLUB's name. Supervise periodic audits of accounts by third parties.

School Liaison Officer

Work closely with the school Go playing community to organize events, coordinate support, provide additional resources for school Go club activities, and be a sustainer as student turnover occurs.

Public Relations Officer

Maintain lists of media contacts, organize publicity material and advertising needs.

e) The COMMITTEE may from time to time charter and appoint sub-committees to expedite the business activities of the CLUB.

f) The COMMITTEE may from time to time co-opt non-voting COMMITTEE MEMBERS to expedite the business activities of the CLUB.

g) The COMMITTEE will effect any Constitutional changes and direct its efforts to carry out any other motions passed at the AGM or any EGMs.


a) The AGM is held each Fall to elect OFFICERS for the following year.

b) One fifth (20%) of the current MEMBERS can call an EGM by petitioning the President. A proposed agenda must be supplied. The President is obliged to call an EGM within 2 months of submission of such a petition.

c) Either General Meeting can make any changes to the Constitution, and vote on any other motions.

d) Voting at either General Meeting will be resolved by a simple majority of attending MEMBERS except for Constitutional changes.

e) Any two (2) MEMBERS can raise any motion except Constitutional changes for business at a General Meeting.

f) Any MEMBER can raise a motion for Constitutional change with the sponsorship of one or more OFFICERS.

g) Constitutional changes will be effected by a 2/3rds majority vote of attending MEMBERS at the General Meeting.


a) The official language of the CLUB is English. Interpreter services will be provided whenever necessary at any CLUB business meeting, e.g. General Meetings.

4/92 - original
12/92 - Chairman title changed to President
12/96 - Eliminated one Vice-President, added a Public Relations Officer and Tournament Director as full voting positions on the Committee.
12/03 - Combined Secretary and Treasurer positions into one Business Officer position, added School Liaison Officer.
12/07 - Designated Business Officer position as Treasurer with only treasury duties. Removed the position of Tournament Director as a member of the Committee.

Last updated December 20, 2007 (rev 1.6)