Site Map

Site Map

Pages from our site are mapped as follows:

Home - top level welcoming page.
    Announcements - latest news and announcements.
    Meetings - lists where and when our go meetings are.
       · Panera - shows a map for locating the Panera Bread.
       · Coffee Oasis - shows a map for locating the Coffee Oasis.
    Tournaments - general information on tournaments with dynamic links to past, present and future tournament details.
       · Policies - our tournament policies.
       · Clocks - instructions on how to use clocks during our tournaments.
    Resources - general information on resources to learn Go etc.
       · Suppliers - Houston Area suppliers.
       · AGA - some quick links to resources listed by the AGA.
       · Learn - some quick links to learning and training Go resources on the internet.
       · Forms - pdf forms and recording sheets.
         · AGA membership application form - for joining the AGA.
         · 19x19 Game Recording sheet - for game analysis.
         · 9x9 Game Recording sheet - for small game analysis.
    Gallery - information about our photo gallery.
         · Tuesdays - photos from one of our Tuesday night meetings.
         · Fall 2007 - photos from our Fall 2007 tournament.
    FAQ - accumulated frequently asked questions.

    Home - the starting page.
    About - what Go is and who we are.
       · Constitution - our governance rules.
       · Officers - current committee officers.
       · History - how we got here.
       · Privacy - what we do with your information.
    Contact - how to get in touch with us.
    Site Map - how this site is organized.

Last updated Sept. 30, 2014